Friday, June 01, 2012

Speedo's new suit system failing to inspire some elite swimmers

I am pro-techsuits for new readers. I think they are fun, they raise revenues for the businesses that support swimming and they level the playing field much like the bigger rackets did for tennis.

As a result of the tennis federations taking a bold approach to improve the game every tennis match is now more exciting to watch. The game has moved forward from 110-mile-an-hour "fastest-ever" serves in the 1930s to nearly 155-mile-an-hour-serves cicra 2011.

Even within track and field Usain Bolt is not running barefoot and he does not run on a surface made of dirt.

Track and field took the leap and embraced technology and you see major industries and magazines promoting the sport vigorously. In our world we have one magazine in the United States and one leading seller known as Speedo.

Coming into the 2012 Olympic games swimsuits have seemed to take a step backwards. There is less material but the cost has elevated to ridiculous proportions. Gimmicks, shinny marketing photos, high priced photography, have tried to sell 'jammers' and the Speedo goggle systems as the next "best system ever" but the public and the elite swimmers are not buying it...

From AP via Bakersfield Now:

Claudio Rosetto, Magnini's coach: "...I don't think they really hit the mark with that suit. Nobody is using the three-part system," [...] "For the men, the suits don't make such a big difference now, but if there's a big negative effect, that's significant." 
Netherlands coach Titus Mennen: "The new suit is horrible," [...] "It gets very heavy and it's difficult for the women to put it on, pulling the (straps) over their heads. Then it bunches up in the water. That's something Speedo has to work on."  
Fabio Scozzoli, Italian team swimmer: "As long as that keeps working for me, [The 2010 Speedo LZR] I'll use it," [...] "The new one compresses too much. It's heavy and it seems like it holds water."  
Jessica Hardy on the speedo goggles: "The depth perception is really different and I can see more than I would like to see in them" [...] "I think I'm just going to try it later, after the summer." 
A differing view from Bob Bowman: "The suit does matter, it does help," [...] "But it just gives them a little sharpness. It doesn't completely change them as a swimmer." 

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