Sunday, June 10, 2012

Libby Trickett: They see me shootin' , they hatin'

More "thug life" photos out of Australia. How about that "scandalous" photo of Libby Trickett shooting what appears to be a flintlock and black powder pistol probably from the 1800's inside a target shooting range in the US.

Wow, that is so "thug" of her?

In fact, I hear that she can load that beast and fire off a second shot in under 5-minutes! No wonder Australian Olympic officials are worried, It takes your typical "gangsta" at least ten

Are the rumors true that she has an "Australia Life" tattoo on her belly like "Tupac Shakur?" Wouldn't that be sexy? (If you do, please send it Libby, even if it's in marker.")

Australia immediately has to put forth a law that every potential Olympian may only engage in recreational sports that either Snow White, a bunny, or a unicorn would participate in. "Shame" on her and what a "bad" influence she is having on me! 

In fact, that photo is so "disturbing" that I am fighting off the impulse to go out and buy a "Plymouth-Rock-style musket", drive out to sanctioned shooting range in the desert and shoot a lead ball at a target. Wow, what will Australian society do now? ;-)

From the Sydney Morning Herald:
Five years ago, on a camp that Sullivan attended, Olympic gold medallist Libby Trickett was snapped firing a vintage pistol with her teammates watching on, apparently in an exercise to build team harmony. D'Arcy and Monk, meanwhile, have already been ordered by the Australian Olympic Committee to return early from the London Games after they posted photos of themselves on Facebook and Twitter posing with firearms in America.

Seriously, the only thing I don't like about the photo is that she way better looking than the photo presents.


Anonymous said...

jaja.. yes, she way better looking (aussies are crazy)

Anonymous said...

I recall Rohan Taylor camp with mock executions in 2005. He got a telling off but other than that it doesn't seem to have done him any harm.

Are these men going to continue to swim after London? If not, how are Swim Australia going to make them stay?