Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ryan Locke: The "Alexander McQueen" of tennis shoe design

I wonder if he knows who Alexander McQueen was? Nonetheless, "his no holds barred" approach to tennis shoes is just as aggressive as Alexander McQueen's was. (look it up) Can you guess which shoe design is his? Here is a hint, one belongs to Lady Gaga.
From the MSNBC Blog: 
Lochte recently posted a photo of his custom-designed kicks on Twitter, writing “Don’t duplicate!! #swagismine.” Another pair, which he designed for one of his sponsors, Speedo, feature emerald rhinestones and will be sold in flip-flop form for $24.99. 
“He wanted green, he wanted bling,’’ the director of marketing at Speedo told the Times. “He likes to make a statement when he walks onto that pool deck.” 

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