Thursday, July 12, 2012

Diana Nyad documentary at You Tube - It's official, she's boss!

"... The documentary, which runs 17 minutes, chronicles Diana’s history as a swimmer and her ongoing mission to swim from Cuba to Florida..."

Some underwater stuff of her swimming too. I now know why her shoulder hurts her. Her stroke is great if your swimming a 50-free and you need lots of power, It's throughly anti-shoulder to the side she breathes from if you are going to swim from Cuba to Florida. She should adopt a Kara-Lynn Joyce stroke and bend at the elbow when she starts her pull.

Diana Nyad has quite a resumé. When the public at large or those individuals way outside our sport think of famous swimmers they can only name three. Michael Phelps, Mark SPitz and Diana Nyad. This is worth a look!

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