Saturday, July 07, 2012

Michael Phelps wears an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch

Michael Phelps wears or is paid to wear an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch. This model is beefy in size; the watch casing alone comes in at a whopping 45mm in diameter, so you either have to be big and tall to pull it off, or short and a quite successful.

Omega has been producing the Seamaster line since 1947. I like Omega, I wear an Omega Seamaster Devile Automatic. A gift from my Grandfather which he bought in 1964 and allowed me the opportunity to be it's custodian of in 1983 after I did the Ironman. Hence, I am biased towards the brand and I feel it's a worthy investment. Also note that I am it's custodian, not it's owner. The watch will be passed down. Yeah, Omega products are that classy.

This watch retails between $3,300 and $5,500 depending on the model. It's a self winding watch, meaning the sway of you arm movement captures that energy and self winds the timepiece throughout the day. In other words it has no battery nor is regular winding needed.

Omega has quite a history from the fictional wrist of James Bond to the the real-life Buzz Aldrin who wore his NASA certified Omega Speedmaster on the Moon! Omega has a history with the Olympics too and its "brand ambassadors" like Geroge Clooney, Michael Phelps and the coolest James Bond ever, Daniel Craig, are used as marketing agents to promote the line. Even Nicole Kidman wears one.

Barnd ambassadors are a powerful tool and I wish I knew what Michael Phelps has done with the brand sales wise. A Meg Ryan poster for the watch brand Baume & Mercier convinced me to part with some serious cash one Christmas for a ladies watch and if the dark arts of advertising can sell someone who works in the business, well, Phelps must be effective.

Every self-respecting gentleman who is debt free deserves to wear an historical artifact if he so desires. Since today's technology is tomorrows art, Omega is a worthy brand to have in your collection.


Anonymous said...

jaja.. my Casio of €30 never falls in the trainings.

Liliana said...

Omega is and will be eternally grateful for the exposure he's brought to their brand:

In the now famous shot, Phelps was wearing an Omega watch. “You can’t buy this kind of product placement — believe me, we’ve tried!” a spokesman for Omega Watches told The Huffington Post, “He’s modeling one of our blinged-out products as he expertly removes the carb from the bong, which we will also be selling replicas of: The Poseidon, as we are proudly calling it, holds actual water, just like what Michael Phelps swims in!”

Tony Austin said...

Casio Watches are military grade timepieces.

Terrorists use the Casio F91W as their "official timepiece" and the American armed forces often wear the Casio G-SHock.

The Casio F91W sell for $12.50 wheres the G-Shock sells for between $90-$100.

You can't go wrong with a quartz watch if exact time is what you need.

Tony Austin said...

Liliana - when I hit post, I realized I jet did an unpaid commercial for Omega. but I love talking about watches.

I must say I am perplexed why watch manufacturers don't feature more swimmers since the clock is our life.