Sunday, July 08, 2012

Why do women like the Olympics? It only requires a 10-minute commitment!

Hey, I am just the messenger. The original message comes from a recent study conducted by Erin Whiteside of the University of Tennessee & Marie Hardin of Pennsylvania State University. They wrote a paper for Communication, Culture & Critique (CCC) a peer reviewed quarterly academic journal that covers the "communication and cultural criticism which includes media, and cultural studies."

To get my head around who the CCC is I just read an unrelated article from the CCC to see what they do. The article was summarily about process in regards to global media policy. To be fair the CCC is seemingly about process, methods and results rather than the "black arts of spin" though I do suspect PR people, politicians and "spin doctors" subscribe.

From Science Daily:

"... Our research provides some insight into why the Olympics remain popular with women," said Hardin. "It's not just about the types of sports that are featured, although that is certainly a big part of it. It's also about the way in which the Olympics is delivered: in bite-sized chunks that may require just a 10-minute commitment to see an exciting sporting event, during a time of day when women feel they can make that commitment. ..." 

I am surprised swimming did not make the list. A profound majority of USA Swimming's membership is female. Why is that?

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