Thursday, July 26, 2012

USA Swimming rebuttal to the Kelley Currin press release!

To USA Swimming's credit they searched for Kelley Currin, found her after hearing a rumor only and spoke with her. That's impressive. However, they made one fatal mistake in my opinion...

According to USA Swimming; (see below), their investigator was seemingly concerned and advised Currin to check with a lawyer or face the potential of being sued by the predator, Rick Curl, since her settlement was suppose to be confidential.

USA Swimming's job is to protect its swimmers and not be a nice a guy and give out legal advice. I look at it as trying to protect the economic interests of the victim and getting all the ducks in a row first but the moral conundrum here is whether the protection of the many outweigh the economics of a single person.

Running to go catch a plane, excuse the typos.

From USA Swimming:
"Acting on information it had received about a possible incident involving an unidentified swimmer in the past, USA Swimming worked for months to identify Ms. Currin, and then to locate her. USA Swimming found Ms. Currin and raised this matter with her. She did not come to us.

USA Swimming’s third-party investigator first spoke with Ms. Currin in April. At that time, Ms. Currin sent the investigator the confidential Settlement Agreement she had signed with Mr. Curl. Because this agreement was described as “confidential,” USA Swimming advised Ms. Currin to speak with an attorney before the investigator sent the settlement agreement on to USA Swimming in order to protect herself from legal jeopardy. Ms. Currin’s first lawyer agreed with that approach, and the investigator did not forward the agreement.

On Wednesday, July 18, Ms. Currin advised USA Swimming that she had a new lawyer. On Friday morning, July 20, counsel for USA Swimming emailed the new lawyer and advised him that if, as Ms. Currin’s new counsel, he was comfortable with USA Swimming seeing a copy of the Settlement Agreement, we would ask the investigator to send it to us immediately. Friday afternoon, Mr. Allard attached the Settlement Agreement to an email sent directly to USA Swimming. The following Monday, USA Swimming initiated a National Board of Review proceeding against Mr. Curl based on information contained in the Settlement Agreement."

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Anonymous said...

From Allard's press release posted on your very blog:

"I faxed the settlement agreement and admission by Rick Curl to a USA Swimming investigator in April of this year."

Somebody's not telling the truth.