Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympian Leisel Jones called "fat" in polite terms by Australia newspaper!

John Q Swimmer sent this to us. Leisel Jones has been to four Olympics come Friday. An Australian paper is dismayed that she is overweight. As for me I prefer to see aesthetically fit people do do sports but that is my problem not theirs.

From Yahoo Sports:

It did not go over well but it still doesn't mean it's not true or if it even really is a bad thing. From Yahoo Sports: "...Leisel, 26, has swam in the Olympics since the 2000 Sydney Games when she was 15. She owns three gold medals, four silvers and a bronze. Her record is secure. But, admittedly, she doesn't look like the same girl she used to when wearing a form-fitting swimsuit. 
The question that comes up is: Does it matter? Is it the media's place to question the fitness of an athlete who has already proved herself by making the team in the first place?..."


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Anonymous said...

meh, there are plenty of slim and unhealthy people out there.