Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Will be swimming the Alcatraz Sharfest this weekend - blogging will be sketchy!

It will be fun.


Rob D. said...

good luck this weekend Tony!

Kent Meade said...

It was nice to meet you at the swim this weekend. Thank you for all the sage advice for the race (very much appreciated for a newbie to Alcatraz) and safe travels home.

See you next year!
Kent Meade

Anonymous said...

The Bay in this photos looks just unhappy and unforgiving ... As someone who thinks a 50-meter pool is a challenge, I'm impressed with this swim ...

Tony Austin said...


I miss you. I am doing SPMA regionals in Irvine. Will be thinking of you.


I had a blast talking to you. Things will change next year. I will be talking to the event director.

Let's stay in touch and i will send you workouts and such as well as videos.

I will write you soon.

I ended putting my goggles around my neck and wow! 180-degree is awesome when doing open water!

We will talk soon. :-)


I feel spanked in a 50-meter pool too. I guess I do open water because I have compensation issues or something. I can;t figure it out.