Thursday, August 02, 2012

Chicago Tribune - The word "Phelpsian" is now in our lexicon!

The article is well written but portrays the personalities therein somewhat inaccurately. Phelps is called "humble" whereas Lochte is called "Hollywood." Don't take it personally if you have invested yourself in one or the other. The writer is obviously judging these two from their "onstage personas" rather than their "real life" ones. That is to say Ryan Lochte with his $25k "grills" and Michael Phelps with is boyish smile and oversized DJ headphones.

What I liked best about the article is that author acknowledges a new word that describes the human condition when forced to confront adversity...

From the Chicago Tribune:
"... Before America moves on and stops paying attention to swimming for another four years, consider the magic that happened inside the Aquatics Centre. I heard the term "Phelpsian" used to describe the effort of the most accomplished Olympian ever. In the sports thesaurus, "Jordanesque" is a synonym.

This was Phelps, on the brink of retirement, using sheer will to increase his medal total to 20 and enhance his legacy by becoming the first man to win an individual event in three straight Olympics.

This was a proud champion refusing to go out anywhere but on top, humble beating Hollywood. ..."

Ryan Lochte is a great champion but why is it that the author brands him as an athlete that seemingly under delivered? One gold medal means you are the greatest of the games in that event. Two means you are a national treasure. Three means you are of historical interest and finally, any more than four becomes, "Phelpsian."

Not only did he change the sport he changed the sports dictionary.


Anonymous said...

The author brands him as an athlete that seemingly under delivered because people wanted/expected a repeat of MP's Beijing. Anything less than that would have been a disappointment.

It also didn't help that a bunch of bloggers were trumping him up saying things like, "Ryan Lochte!
Only "kryptonite" can stop him." :)

Tony Austin said...

Ryan Lochte was seemingly unbeatable at both Pan Pacs and World Championships. Even Bowman called him America's best swimmer post Pan Pacs. It was a seemingly unbeatable trend.

In fact, I am completely amazed that Michael Phelps did as well as he has.

While Lochte was puling up anchors for the Navy hand-over-hand Michael Phelps was discussing his putting game with Bubba Watson at the 19th hole!