Thursday, August 02, 2012

John Leonard flamed by 98% of Guardian readers!

John Leonard's rhetorical doping questions about Ye Shiwen have become a bigger topic this Olympics than Mitt Romney telling Great Britain that their games are "really unorganized!" (They are very organized as far as most of America is concerned.)

Example: 98% of 'The Guardian' Readers agreed that John Leonard should apologize!)

"... BEIJING, August 2 (Xinhuanet) – In a survey by the Guardian, 98 percent of netizens agreed that American coach John Leonard should apologize to Ye Shiwen for his irresponsible comments on her performance. John Leonard hinted that Ye Shiwen improved her performance by taking drugs. ..." 


Sarah G said...

I do enjoy reading negative comments about our old nemesis. It's affirming when others recognize what a douche bag he is. Too bad something like this didn't happen last summer when he was threatening to sue us. He might have been too preoccupied to spend time on us.

Tony Austin said...

I have to send my response privately.