Saturday, August 18, 2012

Diana Nyad is swimming from Cuba to FLorida right now so think good thoughts!

Diana Nyad, has box jellyfish scars and still goes back into the drink to nail that Cuba to Florida swim.

She is so tough and resilient ! I once said she swims like a boss; strike that that, she swims like a "pirate" and a "Spartan!"

I hope she makes it. She is predicting 60-hours.

From Huffington Post:
..."I've been surprised at the fact that the human is the worst athlete on Earth in many regards, compared to our animal brethren, yet we are superior at the endurance of continuing at a high threshold of effort for days and even weeks at a time.

I've found myself in a state of rapture to let the mind go free out in the deepest of oceans. The sensory deprivation caused by tight caps and fogged goggles, the metronomic slapping of the hands on the surface for 20, 30, 40 hours of training, no matter how one tries to persist with concrete progressions of counting and singing, takes the mind way out into the cosmos. You just can't conjure thoughts about the edge or the infinity of the universe at dinner conversation as you can when under the extreme physical and mental distress of a long, isolated swim.

There exists pure sport in this quest. Extreme adventure. Outrageous personal discovery. The thrill of unexplored territory. ..." 
CNN: [Link
Real TIme Coverage: [Link]


Bruckner Chase said...

She swims like a senior citizen, and has no chance of completing this swim. You should limit your commentary to pool swimming.

Tony Austin said...

Senior citizen? Be that as it may.

But if she swims farther than 28-miles... well, she has certainly one-uped you.

As for limiting my commentary? Never!

Amit said...

I really admire her determination. I can't imagine being in a state of sensory deprivation for that long!

Charlie said...

Who are these people with such strong opinions Tony? I mean who cares if you want to talk about her on your blog.

I would say there are extremely few people on the planet who have a chance of completing this swim. I admire her determination as well.