Sunday, August 19, 2012

Diana Nyad Swimming through jelly fish swarms!

Diana Nyad's site is posting frequent updates and it floors me how relative good news can be for her during this Cuba to Florida swim. For Diana Nyad good news is getting a 5-minute break in-between jellyfish attacks.

That is definitely "a glass is half-full" attitude.

The Google GPS Map says she is about 30-miles into into the swim at the time of this posting.

  • [Google GPS Map: Link]

From Diana Nyad's site:

Angie Sollinger, Christi Barli, and Candace Lyle Hogan are staying up all night to report the good news: At her 3:15 a.m. feeding, Diana asked for pasta and hot chocolate! Minutes later, Danny Lintz, one of the boat crew ferrying various personnel to and from their shifts on the escort boat, says over the VHF: “Good news: the organism swarms are getting fewer and far between—now coming only every five minutes.”


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