Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just got back from a US Masters Swim Meet.

I swam in an 800m freestyle relay; (long course meters like the cool kids do), at the Natadores pool in Mission Viejo today. The weather was about 100-degress-plus. Consequently, I had to jump into the warm-up pool three-times before my heat to cool off.

The water at the Natadors pool is practically "holy." Since I started swimming Masters I have seen Kate Ziegler set a world record there, I shot photos of Rebecca Soni winning races, I have photos of Tyler Clary, Chloe Sutton, Jessica Hardy and many others. The one above is of Rebecca Soni post a race win.

So, I had to swim in the 50-free within 30-minutes after swimming my 200m Free. The relay went great and though we placed fourth it was still rewarding because relays are always an exhilarating activity. Even Michael Phelps thinks so. (Hey, triathletes, consider trying it.)

I had quit competing in the pool after the techsuit ban as did many others. Though I swam in an expensive set of Jammers that cost me a $100 At Amazon; (TYR Tracer Light), I swam on top of  my tech suit times which was surprising. Must say I had a blast and I am sorry that I stopped competing even,

When I got to the 50-free, I felt like I had just finished rock climbing a wall at Stony Point. My arms were shaky and my triceps felt like water balloons and my legs felt nonexistent too. When the race started it was my most effective start I have ever done. The Natadors club finally got new starting blocks and you can launch "like a boss." The old ones felt like "pie-plates" and they wiggled too. so, when I hit the water I did three dolphin kicks and it was the only time in that trace when I was actually leading.  After then, it got worse:  I had to breathe 4-times during the race wheres I usually only breathe once, and worst of all, my goggles were around my neck. Not my best race but I beat a particular someone which felt really good! >:-)

Back for more in a 200m relay; will have  much better 50m-free


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're back in the Big Boy's pool again ... And, yes: the SCAQ relays are a lot of fun ...

Anonymous said...

"Not my best race but I beat a particular someone which felt really good! >:-)" This speaks volumes about you as a person. :-(

Tony Austin said...

Yeah, I am pretty awesome huh?

Trev said...

Congrats Tony! Great to see you back racing!

Tony Austin said...

Thank yo, have a bunch more planned . I am doing your straight arm pull now instead of high elbows. It's working well.