Saturday, August 11, 2012

Swimming World: Sun Yang's $20-million dollar payday will partially be shared with his team!

Wow! Imagine if USA Swimming had the same sort of communist law! - Actually it sort of has has a nice ring to it since $6.5-million would be split between 50-swimmers-or-so. That's about $135,000 each.

My flame resistant suit is on! - Come at me, bring it, game -on!

From Swimming World:

"... Sun, who is in line to make $18 million throughout the next year as part of a sponsorship deal with Coca Cola, shoe company 361 Degrees and dairy goods manufacturer Yili, will also be required to share part of those funds to the rest of the Chinese Olympic swim team according to Yahoo Sports. His contract with the Chinese Swimming Federation requires that around one-third of those funds must be turned over to the rest of the Olympic swim team. ..."


I did the artwork above more than a decade ago. When I was the senior artist for the Disney Store Online, the outside people called us the "Dot Commies" so I made it for myself.

哇!试想一下,如果美国游泳有相同的共产主义的法律! - 其实它的有它,因为有一个很好的环之间进行分配6.5亿美元的50游泳或。这是135000美元。

我的阻燃服! - 我来,带上它,游戏!




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