Saturday, August 11, 2012

Triathlete dies during the swim portion of the Ironman New York/New Jersey - Open water deaths in New York are practically becoming a statistic!

Another tragic open water death - swimming is an extreme sport and more swimmers have died doing sanctioned open water racing than MMA/UFC fighting.

I suspect that New York City may be the most dangerous place to hold an open water race. More deaths have occurred there than any other city in the United States. I can think of four besides this one.

The competitor "experienced distress" during a 2.4-mile swim in the Hudson River at the start of the all-day competition, a publicist for the race organizers said. The course ran along the New Jersey shoreline, just north of the George Washington Bridge.

The swimmer was pulled out of the water and taken to a hospital in nearby Englewood Cliffs, N.J., but did not survive. The organizers said the cause of death is unknown. An autopsy is planned.

New York City police said the contestant was a 43-year-old man. His name has not yet been released.



Anonymous said...

That's a picture of someone swimming from Alcatraz into SF.

Tony Austin said...

Yes it is, I used it to resonate the dangerousness of open water races.. I will make it a policy to explain the use of photos and illustrations.

I will include an explanation thesis post later.

Anonymous said...

The Hudson and the East River are not a joke. NYC Swim organizes great races there, and should be considered a model. It requires a swim test for those with no or little open water experience. Still, that is no guarantee. Someone died a couple of years ago in the Brooklyn Bridge swim in the east river. a veteran open water swimmer from northern california. Sometimes these things cannot be avoided, but triathletes are known for phoning in the swim.

Tony Austin said...

I have covered five fatalities in New York during the past 4-or-so-years. It's my experience that more open water racing deaths occur in New York than anywhere else. ;-(