Sunday, August 05, 2012

London Games 2012: 9-world records set in swimming and they are still using the phrase "textile best" - Knock it off and bring back the suits!

From the Washington Post:
"...On Day 1 of the London Games, 16-year-old Ye Shiwen of China improved the world record in the women’s 400 IM by more than a second. While that swim sparked rampant speculation of doping, more records followed, from a variety of nations.

Cameron van der Burgh of South Africa lowered the mark in the 100 breaststroke, Dana Vollmer of the United States did it in the 100 butterfly and Daniel Gyurta of Hungary established a new mark in the 200 breaststroke.

Rebecca Soni, another American, set records in both the semifinals and final of the 200 breast and teammate Missy Franklin got one in the 200 backstroke. On the final night of competition Saturday, Sun broke his own mark in the 1,500 freestyle and the American women won the medley relay in world record time. ..."


FINA is considering a male version of the open-back womens' suit. I would prefer leggings since they are more masculine than an open back. However, the best people to ask in my opinion are the young males in the sport since it was the "speedo brief" or "banana hammock" as Ryan Lochte calls it that possibly made them avoid the sport. Perhaps a suit of "their design" would bring them back in. We are experiencing a male deficit now in USA Swimming.


TedBaker said...

No way!!

This meet was tremendous and we were all talking about the athletes not what they were wearing. It was awesome!!

Times were fast and the racing was great!!

surfer said...

"Banana Hammock"

That about nails it. Only a pedophile would argue against having the girls and boys where a little more over the skin when faced with charges of ...well you know.

I want to see some WRs in wool suits, pretty sure those came complete with legs and chest if we get back to the days of real swim stardom (say, 50years before USAS or ASCA).

Tony Austin said...

welcome back surfer. :-)