Sunday, September 23, 2012

Steroid and HGH Doping now a ‘public health issue’ says World Health Organization doctor

Timothy Armstrong of the World Health Organization (WHO) states that 3% of US teenagers, and he probably means boys, are doping with performance enhancing drugs.

Fron Reuters:

“If we believe that around three percent of high school boys in the U.S. are taking a steroid or growth hormone, then that’s a public health issue,” said Dr. Timothy Armstrong of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“Substance abuse in any shape or form has a physical and mental health aspect to it. The WHO, being the lead UN (United Nations) agency on health matters, takes this issue quite seriously.”

“Elite sport plays an obvious role. They are the role models of youngsters and if they are drug takers, that is not the right role model for the coming society.

The most successful sports franchise in the United States with the most dopers and criminals per capita is the National FootballLeague. Now we learn that they are inspiring the youth of America.


junker23 said...

So is that 3% out of all HS boys? Because I'd bet that percentage is a hell of a lot higher if you just looked at specific sports. I'd assume there's a huge percentage of HS football players that use them, hell, there are times I regret not doing so.

junker23 said...

I wonder what the percentage is for kids who participate in specific sports - wouldn't be surprised if it was muuuuch higher in football players, maybe slightly higher for baseball.

I know of plenty of kids who used 'em in HS in Massachusetts, which is pretty much the opposite of a football hotbed.

Tony Austin said...

No one tells these kids that they will have a short shelf if they use them either. that their hearts will go weak, their bones will go soft and they will look like a pathetic Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 40's.

No one tells them that they will probably only last 4-seasons in the NFL if they are one of the lucky ones and will filled with pain, suffering and impaired brain functioning.

gear jane said...

Back in high school, the few people I knew doping were the ones feeling pressured from competition. Not to gain the advantage but simply 'catch up' with everyone since they were being harassed for falling behind.

I have never used any drugs but I can relate to their process. I will eat anything to everything that will benefit me a week or two before race day. Focus on eating specific nuts, fruits, vegetables...anything to get the extra boost. Even though they're completely different, our mindsets are alike.

Tony Austin said...

Eating right, or doing yoga as a supplement to training inspires other to train better, train harder with the net result producing a better body.

Steroids, EPOgen or HGH are just a fast shortcut giving one an unhealthy advantage and if practiced across a broad spectrum of kids and adults would produce mayhem non-skilled "winners"