Monday, September 24, 2012

In America the USOC rewards it's athletes with $25,000 for each gold - China rewards their athletes with $50,000 per gold and it is tax-free!

For every gold medal Missy Franklin won she was awarded $25,000 by the United States Olympic Committee. For her Bronze medal she was awarded $10,000. Her tax obligation to the IRS on those medals was roughly $40,000 in taxes. Thus her final net total was $70,000 [Reference Link from Yahoo:  Link]

Ye Shiwen of China won two gold medals was awarded $50,000 or $100,000 tax free for each one and her net profit was some $30,000 greater than Missy Franklin. Shiwen also only swam in two events wheres Franklin swan in five events yet Shiwen was rewarded far greater monetarily than Missy Franklin.

Who knew that swimming for a Communist nation would be more appreciated economically than swimming for the greatest economic super-power on earth, the United States?

Is this a statement how poor we treat our athletes or what?

In 2008, the national reward scheme in China saw every gold medalist receive 350,000 yuan (over 50,000 dollars) tax-free. This year's payouts are along similar lines, but they are still way ahead of those offered by the country which topped the medal table, ahead of China; the United States. The U.S. Olympic Committee's reward scheme is identical to that of four years ago, with gold medalists pocketing 25,000 dollars, silver medalists taking home 15,000 dollars, while bronze medalists earn a cool 10,000 dollars. U.S. medalists are unlikely to receive large payouts from their home states, in contrast to Chinese athletes who are often rewarded handsomely when they return to their home provinces.



Anonymous said...

jaja.. in Spain is 48.000€ for one silver. Crisis? What Crisis?

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to pay their fair share, it's the American ideal. The Chinese glorify a few while the rest of the population are practically slaves.