Monday, October 15, 2012

ABC News: Felix Baumgartner: Supersonic Skydive 'Like Swimming Without Touching the Water'

An amazing accomplishment by Felex Baumgartner, his team and especially Red Bull who had the courage to put millions-upon-millions-of-dollars into a science experiment that needed updating. If he would have died the Red Bull brand would have been ruined. Instead, this brand has surged above all other energy drinks. Where energy drink maker Monster is sponsoring surfers, skateboarders and motocross racers, and Rock Star is doing likewise, Red Bull crated an ad hoc space program which NASA is even interested in and several astronauts from both Europe and America "Tweeted" their approval.

How does this relate with Swimming? After spinning out of control his first few minutes, Baumgartner describe it like this:

From ABC News:
Baumgartner, whose Sunday freefall was watched around the world, was at one point traveling at 833 mph or Mach 1.24, and he shattered the speed of sound during his 4 minute 20 second freefall. He is the only human to do so without the aid of a supersonic jet or space shuttle.

"It's like swimming without touching the water, and it's hard because every time it turns you around you have to figure out what to do. So I was sticking my arm out then it became worse," he said.


ABC News has video and follow-up at the link above that is actually pretty good. Check it out.

The Screen shot above is from They took a series of the screenshots throughout the two-hour event and they have a great selection: [Link]

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