Sunday, October 14, 2012

My favorite French swimsuit maker Aquadeus held a swim meet over the weekend and some heavyweights showed up!

Photo above: Yannick Agnel and Charlotte Bonnet.

Camille Muffat storms the 100 free but get this, Camille swam her 100-free only 5- minutes after her 100 fly too. That is swimming like a boss!

Yannick takes the 200IM and Aschwin Wildeboer; (Awesome name for a swimmer. Sort of reads in english like "Awesome Wild Boar!"). Wildeboer swam a 23.99 in the 50 back.

Wish I was there but more details here: [Link]

The photo above is my favorite Aquadeus pattern. It has a matching cap as well: [Link]


Anonymous said...

the woman doesn't look like Camille to me. I think it's Charlotte Bonnet?

Tony Austin said...

Yikes! You're right! = Let me fix it. Thank you!

swimming said...

Yup, looks like her