Thursday, October 25, 2012

USA Swimming filed the report that led to Rick Curl's arrest!

Susan Woessner at USA Swimming filed the complaint that led to the arrest of Rick Curl.

Here is a timeline:
  1. April 2011 USA Swimming gets a report that Rick Curl sexually abused a swimmer. This starts an investigation.
  2. March 2012 Kelly Currin sends USA Swimming her civil settlement with Curl as evidence. 
  3. July 2012 Currin sees Curl on Deck at US trials and is incensed to no end!
  4. Currin hires attorney Robert Allard who sends an email on Friday July 20th to USA Swimming.
  5. July 24th Susan Woessner calls the police and files a report.
From Swimming World:
"... USA Swimming spokesperson Jamie Olsen has since confirmed to Swimming World that this initial police report was filed by USA Swimming Safe Sport Director Susan Woessner on July 24 via a phone call. Woessner also followed up that phone report with an email. Olsen also stated that USA Swimming would have no further comment on Curl, as its process is complete. ..."
The photo above is from the movie "The Quick and the Dead" starring Sharon Stone. In the photo Actor Gene Hackman, the antagonist of the movie, recognizes that he has been shot through the heart after viewing a hole in his shadow. I have been using photos from that movie as an allegory to street justice for coaches who sexually abuse swimmers. The shadow above represents Rick Curl after being "shot" by Susan Woessner.

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