Thursday, October 25, 2012

Washington Post: Rick Curl arrested - Turned himself in!

UPDATE to include Attorney Statement from Mrs. Currin Davis lawyer - see below links section. 

From the Washington Post: "...Rick Curl turned himself in to police Thursday morning to face one count of child abuse..." [Link]

From Bethesda Now: "... The abuse occurred in the swimming facilities at Georgetown Prep in North Bethesda, as well as Curl’s former homes in Rockville and Darnestown, police said. ..." [Link]

From WUSA9:  "...Sixty-three-year-old Rick Curl is accused of sexually abusing a girl he used to coach. Police say detectives determined that Curl allegedly started inappropriately touching the victim when she was 13. Between the time she was 15 and 18, the abuse "progressed to an inappropriate sexual relationship," say police, in places in Montgomery County, including Curl's homes and the Georgetown Preparatory School swimming facilities..." [Link]

From NBC4 Washington: "...[Kelley] Davis Currin said she had received a $150,000 settlement from Curl years ago, in exchange for not telling police the details. ..." [Link]

Mrs. Currin Davis - You did right!

Attorney Statement: “Ms. Currin is pleased that justice is going to be carried out against Mr. Curl but there remains unfinished business. We hope that a similar fate is in store for those at USA Swimming who covered up for him over a period of literally decades. The current Vice President of USA Swimming has admitted in writing that knowledge about Mr. Curl “banging” his swimmers has gone back to as early as the late 1980’s. An untold number of childhood sexual abuse has occurred due to the callous inaction of those who knew about Mr. Curl’s sexual predilections and did absolutely nothing about it. We urge the authorities, as they did with Penn State, to now look into possible criminal conduct that has occurred within USA Swimming. ...”


Anonymous said...

Attorney Statement - I think law schools need to educate future attorneys on the proper way in which to write a press release. Once again the victim seems to be back row instead of center stage.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Every time a blogger features a comment or statement by a plaintiff's attorney, they are making him or her money. These attorneys are not about justice. They are about settlement money. As you will note, none of the real journalists include these comments in their stories...