Thursday, January 03, 2013

Irv Muchnick's summation of the NBAC sexual abuse accusations are an accurate chronology and summation of what I presented to USA Swimming.

When I heard of the allegations of abuse at NBAC, I spent a week-and-a-half  gather the emails and statements, putting them together and sending them off to Susan Woesner at USA Swimming. The response was sincerely positive and I am impressed.

I then sent it off to journalists so as to ensure there would be some sunlight on NBAC and I detail my motives here: [Link]

Here is a summation from the victim's family point of view of what sort of justice they would like see rendered:

From Concussion Inc:
Three officials of NBAC “need to be censured and sanctioned,” the mother believes. “They should not be in positions of authority or guardians of safety for children.” The three are Bob Bowman, the head coach and CEO; John Cadigan, the director of operations; and Erik Posegay, a coach of the High Performance and Challenge groups. (Bowman, Cadigan, and Posegay have not responded to my inquiries. [...]
In addition, the complainant asserted to USA Swimming, members of the NBAC board who had knowledge of the ensuing cover-up should be removed. Also, “Our son should receive a public apology from the aforementioned people, to be published with our son’s name redacted to protect his privacy.” Finally, the assailant swimmers should receive sanctions of their own, the victim’s mother said, adding: “It is our hope that they get into counseling.”


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be too impressed with Susan Woesner. She obviously knows that you write a popular blog and have been critical of USA Swimming and their lack of action.

Unfortunately, it seems that these people ONLY spring into action when the stories are reported via online/media outlets.

Anonymous said...

I am horrified. I think you are doing the right thing, but also the first commenter is correct.

Bullies like that need to be kicked off the team.

Anonymous said...

My children have been USA Swimmers for 13 years and have been at NBAC for several. While I absolutely acknowledge that we have an epidemic of bullying and do not condone bad behavior, and agree, there should be zero tolerance, I also am very aware that there are 2 sides to every story. I know that there are vindictive, disgruntled, jealous... employees, parents, and athletes who seem to relish gossip and spend their energy manufacturing and magnifying drama in the mezzanine and parking lots. Facts are intermingled with enhanced versions that create a much different story than what is reality. People who are not involved in this situation and who have nothing to gain/lose insert themselves and share "truth" without any firsthand knowledge, observation or evidence. Just keep that in mind when reading blogs. They are often heavily weighted on the side of the blogger's opinions and to stir reaction more than reporting 100% truth. Oh, and watch your back in the mezzanine...there's far more bullying going on up there by adults than in the pool.

Tony Austin said...

Yes, there are two sides to this event... A victim and the assailants that wrote apologies for what they did.