Thursday, March 14, 2013

Orange County Register: Daniel Ad'm Dusenbury was banned for life

I would like to hear a victim statement... She originally denied this happen. I originally wrote about  this nonsense a year ago: [Link] & [Link]

From Scott Reid at the Orange County Register:
"... Former Mission Viejo Nadadores coach Daniel Ad'm Dusenbury was banned for life on Thursday by the sport's national governing body after he acknowledged having an inappropriate relationship with a female teenage Nadadores swimmer, the Orange County Register has learned. Another prominent Orange County swim coach, Bill Jewell, has resigned his coaching position at Golden West Swim Club following allegations of his inappropriate conduct toward female teenage swimmers, the Register also has learned. ..." 


Anonymous said...

Dusenbury is working at Voices for Children, co-located with the county's homeless shelter.

Tony Austin said...

I thought he left that job?

Anonymous said...

They took his name off the website, so I thought so too. I may have told you that. I did a google search after I read your post, and found his name and he is still employed there.