Thursday, April 24, 2014

Washington Post: Christopher Thomas Huott, founder & owner of the Maryland Suburban Swim Club arrested!

Christopher Thomas Huott was arrested after being accused of molesting a swimmer back in the 1980s.

From the The Washington Post:
".... A woman approached police last month alleging that Huott had “engaged her in sex acts on numerous occasions while she was a minor in his care,” according to a statement by Montgomery County police.

The abuse started in the mid 1980s, when the victim was 7, and continued for several years, according to police allegations filed in court records.

Detectives are worried that there may be more victims “due to Huott’s position . . . and his access to children,” Montgomery police said. ..."


These accusations are about 30-years-old yet an arrest was made. What confuses me is that I filled a complaint against a well noted Maryland Club; (NBAC), last year and the cops did not want to touch it and I supplied way more evidence than this woman did: Emails, a witness and more.

I am summarily unimpressed with Baltimore child protective services and their police department. Perhaps if you are famous there you get a free pass.


Anonymous said...

What you reported to Baltimore PD was not criminal - so the PD did not take any action.

Tony Austin said...

I presume you know the details then... If I posted them what percentage of the readers do you think would disagree?

ccas said...

I've found that police departments have LAZY or IGNORANT employees. They send people away stating the complaints are "civil" when, in fact, the abuses are criminal.

I was the victim of an extortion attempt, threatened, and my property was vandalized and the sheriffs refused to let me file a police report - I had proof of everything.

I know several people who went to a police department to file a report only to be sent away. My friend tried and was turned away. She phoned her husband, a Superior Court Judge, he had her go back in and demand they take a report. It worked for her, but unfortunately we can't all play that card.