Friday, April 25, 2014

FDA Issues New Advice on Sunscreen

Above is a song called "Everybody is Free to Wear Sunscreen" and the video above offers much better advice than the FDA ever could. Now, with that out of the way we swimmers, especially at swim meets, swim workouts, and long open water water swims, we  have to keep current on sunscreen rules and the FDA says the following in this snippet From GMA:

From GMA Network
The FDA also suggested sunscreen creams are best for the face and dry skin while gels are good for hairy areas of the skin.

Water-resistant sunscreen products are best when going swimming or when sweating profusely, it added.

"Regardless of which sunscreen preparation you choose, be sure to apply it generously to achieve full UV ray protection," it said.

The FDA has a sunscreen page page with some videos, how to read sunscreen labeling, and is nothing short of a goldmine for sunscreen links, studies and related information.

If you a lazy student whois looking to do a thorough science report on this subject this is the page you want to go to for an easy "A."

Parents and adults should go here too if they don't want to look 60-years-old when they are 35.
In a nutshell from The FDA:

• Use Broad Spectrum sunscreens with SPF values of 15 or higher regularly and as directed 
• Reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours, more often if you’re sweating or jumping in and out of the water.  
• Limit time in the sun, especially between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the sun’s rays are most intense. 
• Wear clothing to cover skin exposed to the sun; for example, long-sleeved shirts, pants, sunglasses, and broad-brimmed hats


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