Sunday, April 27, 2014

Search GPS by Rip Curl - The World's First Surf GPS Watch - That's right: for SURFERS ONLY!

I am a watch freak and I am slowly building up quite a collection. Recently I was tickled to see a Mad Men episode on AMC where the hero (or anti-hero) Don Draper looks down at his watch and there it was in all it's glory an Omega Seamaster De Ville Automatic. My most favorite watch in my collection. (Swimmers are attracted to Omega for obvious reasons. Even Coughlin and Phelps wear a Omega and when they looked up at the wall to stop the clock, that was the tose were the first words they saw: Omega Timing.)

Though I prefer watches that are manual wind of or and automatic wind I do adore watches that serve extracurricular purposes such as this watch GPS Watch for Rip Curl. This one tells you time, you max speed, wave count & distance you rode and probably the time and tides. It also links to you iPhone.

I am thinking this Pretty boss!

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