Monday, April 28, 2014

The Princess of Monaco who is also a South African Olympian visited Tustin, California this weekend and participated in teaching some kids how to swim.

The Princess of Monaco and also a South African Olympian in the backstroke and visited southern California this past weekend. I don't know what business she was here for but I am thrilled that she took some time out to teach kids how to swim.

From the Orange County Register:
On the bus ride over, six-year-old Noah Hernandez didn’t know what to expect.

Tyler Copeland, 15, who has been teaching Hernandez to swim at Tustin’s Blue Buoy Swim School for the past two weeks, wasn’t sure either. 
“I thought they were just bringing a girl dressed up as a princess, but instead, it was the real Princess of Monaco,” Copeland said. 
“She wasn’t wearing a dress, but she was nice,” Hernandez said..." 

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