Sunday, October 26, 2014

Australian Marathon Swimmer Chloe McCardel Interviewed while Recovering From 42-hour World-Record Swim

Chloe was summarily "mugged" and deeply lashed by Jellyfish stings all across her lips, mouth, shoulders, ankles and legs. Imagine blisters almost the size of golfballs perforating your body that hurt 24/7?

The girl risked her life swimming from Eleuthera island to the capital of Nassau and was has had to visit the hospital twice for treatment and stays. A courageous swim but it's time to allow tech-suits in open water swimming for swimmer protection and to move open water swimming forward. Do we really want to see someone killed by trying to set a world record?
From Fox News:
"... The 29-year-old athlete from Melbourne set out from the southern tip of Eleuthera island and reached the capital of Nassau at about 1 a.m. local time Wednesday. 
She made the attempt under rules that included not being permitted to intentionally touch her support boat or hold on to anything. ..." 

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Dan said...

Something to understand is that these rules are self imposed by marathon swimmers entirely by choice. There is no governing body per se. They follow these rules because they feel it is the proper way to do things and therefore choose to do so for no other reasons than their own values and the respect of the marathon swimming community.