Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rumor about speedsuits

Politicians love bait-and-switch! If they want something accomplished yet the reasons as to why they want it looks way too sketchy for the public to consumption. Hence, they switch reasons and frame the debate in a particular linguistic terms that the public will accept. Phrases like: Think of the children, they have weapons of mass destruction, the Communists will eat our brains if we don't do what I propose.

Generally speaking, they usually grab a phrase, a concept or a particular idea that is either partially real, maybe real, or more likely a damn lie and they run with it.

USA Swimming is going with the idea that speedsuits hurt age-group swimmers, and colleges who can't afford them.

I heard a rumor today that the globally recognized National Governing Bodies of swimming are really pissed off at speedsuits because of the world record bonuses they have to pay out to athletes that break records. Now instead of hearing speedsuits are costing us "mad-phat-bank" as an argument to ban them, we hear "what about those poor Ivy league schools" and those "age-group swimmers" who can't afford them?!"


Glenn said...

100 records X 100 bonus payments... it's GOT to be costing the NGBs big time... or is it?

If they're looking short-term, then yes. If they're looking long-term, then I'm not so sure.

They can consider this an investment in the future. As those records are being broken, has swimming EVER gotten more publicity? I had to skip swimming Friday morning because there was a full swim meet at the pool I swim at. 5 miles away, North Baltimore was hosting a meet at Navy (where I coach a few days a week), that meet was full as well. So, within a few miles of each other, there were two filled meets, filled with the future of the sport.

They can't have it both ways. USA Swimming has been touting the "growth" of the sport since the Olympics... here's a snippet from the Cleveland Plain Dealer (you have to sign in to read the entire article):
Phelps causes sea change Olympian swells swim team memberships

When a huge crowd of boys and girls showed up at the Westlake Recreation Center for the first practice of the season, swim coach John Bailey knew why. The Summer Olympics in Beijing had just concluded and U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps had given an exceptional performance, winning an unprecedented eight gold medals. "It was the Mike Phelps bump," Bailey said. Swim coaches are accustomed to the ripple effect produced every four years by the Olympic games. But this year it was more li...
Eventually, everyone will have had their chance with a suit, and the records will work their way down. Once that occurs, then it'll be about the swimming again. Right now, the NEW records are being judged against the "pre-suit" era, which were judged against the "pre-bodysuit" era, which were judged against the "pre-goggle" era... etc.

IMO, this is simply the cost of swimming growing it's base.

Besides... if it REALLY becomes a problem, then the NGBs can just go to our government for a bailout. ;)

Tony Austin said...

I think we are about to be railroaded into a situation where speedsuits will be deemed illegal. The excuses will be economics and that they are device oriented.

They will show us age group swimmers from lower income families who can't afford them colleges too and they will show us that float to much.

Glenn said...

I just wrote an article about my BlueSeventy that leads a bit more toward the economics (although it wasn't too specific, it's implied). It should go up tomorrow. Just an opinion piece... but everyone is so negative about them and all we ever hear is the BAD NEWS. Don't we have CNN and FOX for that?

Tony Austin said...

Could you tell me when it is live so I can link and comment about it. As for me, I am pro speedsuits, lane lines, a line on the bottom of the pool, start blocks, Lycra, Nylon, and all of the other technological advances that have moved swimming forward.

Scott said...

Guys and and their toys! Screaming Viking is all for the new techsuits too, but I still fail to see why swimming faster because of a purchase is a good thing. Can either one of you two explain your fascination with the technology and the need to spend a few hundred dollars to satisfy this craving of yours?

P.S. Tony - no making straw man arguments by dragging goggles, lane lines and lower drag coefficient swim suits into your rant - they aren't the same as the new techsuits, and if you were honest with yourself you'd admit as much.

Glenn said...

From what I see, we're making a fairly logical progression on pricing. I just did a quick search for the Fastskin Pro, which nobody seems to have a problem with, and I quickly found it for $203.95 (list is $340). If you're on a college team (which I know none of us are), the team pricing for a BlueSeventy is below $300. While that's seemingly still a lot for a bathing suit, I don't think it's out of line.

As a masters swimmer (with some extra skin), I'd be wearing a $200 suit that binds me, doesn't make me feel as good and disrupts my stroke... OR... I can spend the extra $100 (or $200 if you don't have a team), and feel better, swim faster, and look sleeker (which is BY FAR the most important).

Does it make me go faster? Sure... I just lay there, and I go fast.

It's a beautiful world.

I'm making a comeback for 2016, cause at the current rate, I'll just be tying a motor to my butt and have to lay there. Sure... not a purist I guess, but I like being towed behind my jetski too.

And... what's the deal with PURISTS? Does purist simply mean a non-progressive? If so... I want my records back when they allowed heads to go underwater in breaststroke. :) Pesky kids.

Been a long day... ranting... just that if it's out there, legal, I'm gonna put it on and use it. FINALLY, I can afford to buy the BEST! Can't get a Ferrari, but I can afford a BlueSeventy. :) It's a bargain in my opinion.

Tony Austin said...

To answer your question: Any suit that allows you to get a proper return of the effort you exerted is a fair. Any suit that allows you to float or exaggerate your the effort you exert is not.

You can buy a $15.00 brief or you can buy a $80.00 brief and I guarantee that the $80.00 brief is faster. It is not a device, it creates no flotation, and it is all about reduced friction drag.

Should that suit be illegal? NO! Same goes for Lycra versus wool.

Suit prices will come down. I paid $344.20 for my TYR Tracer Light.

Last year's model, the TYR Aquashift is selling now for $75.00 at Swim Outlet. I heard of an Aquapel suit selling for $25.00. These are not high prices and they are not much slower than the suit I am wearing.

Yes, spending money to reach your full potential by way of reduced friction drag is a good thing and it feels really fun. That is why I like it.

Is sizing down cheating? NO! For you are just reduction drag.

Speedsuits have been good for swimming on many levels: we have rivalries now rather than de facto kings of hill. We have Bernard, Leveaux, Sullivan, and Nystrand and it is such a blast to hear them break records.

We have suits that provide modesty and speed for women and overweight men. We have jammers and leggings for boys as well for modesty purposes.

I should do a video where I wear my Nike Hydra and see if I float in it better than wearing a brief. If it does not float me better, then it is all about Friction drag and not flotation.

So, Scott, want some candy? I got some tech dope right over here, you should try some, you might like it! ;-)