Monday, May 04, 2009

TYR has a new speedsuit for triathletes! - Note the marketing angle!

Press Release: TYR Introduces Sayonara™ - First Triathlon Swimskin with Patented Yamamoto Technology

Funny how the marketing strategies used to get a swimmer to separate themselves from their money are far different than the tactics used to separate a triathlete from theirs.

Since Triathletes literally demand warmth on those ultra-looooooong, 400-yard, open water swims, TYR delivers the goods with a Yamamoto Neoprene product and a detailed explanation as to why the athlete will stay warm.

Then, to really resonate this idea for those who don't want to read how it works, they show a triathlete emerging from a lake of lava and lightening looking ready to beat you up with his bike!

Swimmers, are the other hand, are suckers for whoever posted the last WR! The more WRs a suit company has, we drop everything and buy!

Don't believe me? Ask yourself this: is the LZR on anybody's radar anymore?


Rob D said...

I want TYR to make some bitchin' colored pool racing suits like that! Deep down I want a ridiculous shiny silver jakd-esque suit... but I would take a black suit with some other exciting color spliced in.

They've definitely been chasing down the triathlete market recently haven't they? Is that a full blown shorty wetsuit or is it an overly thick B70 style suit? I noticed they put it in the Tracer family and the description is very much like the Titan.

Wendy said...

Now Tony! Real triathletes do 1.2 or 2.4 mile swims. ;-) Although some age groupers are hoping for some wet suit induced buoyancy.

I don't swim in one myself, but then I don't swim in water under 16 C (about 60 C).