Monday, June 15, 2009

A mass swim from Taiwan to China will take place on August 15th!

The above photo illustrates how serious the tensions are between Taiwan and China. This swim is good vehicle for both sides to talk to each other I guess.

To keep this post politically fair, I got two news sources regarding this epic 8.5-kilometer swim, the first comes from the eTaiwan News:
"... Lee said at a news conference that 50 swimmers from Taiwan will join 50 swimmers from China in the Fujian Province port city of Xiamen in southeastern China Aug. 15 to embark on the historic swim across the Taiwan Strait to Hsiao Kinmen - a small islet west of Kinmen - an 8.5-km swim that is expected to take several hours.

The swim, which is being sponsored by the Kinmen county government and the Xiamen city government, will begin from Xiamen's Yefengzhai Beach and finish on Hsiao Kinmen's Shuangkou Beach, Lee said...."


And now from the China Post:
"... KINMEN -- Kinmen County Magistrate Lee Chu-feng said yesterday he wants to meet the defense minister to help solve problems related to a mass swim planned for August from the Taiwan-held island county to the nearby Chinese city of Xiamen.

Lee said he will invite Lt. Gen. Lu Hsiao-rung, chief of the Kinmen Command, to travel with him to Taipei to meet with Minister of National Defense Chen Chao-min and seek the minister's support in clearing up Kinmen's beaches to facilitate the swim.

Lu was not available for comment on Lee's invitation. ..."


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