Saturday, November 19, 2011

A swimmer named Mercedes Gleitz helped make 'Rolex' what it is today in the marketplace!

I bumped into this while searching for reasons why Rolex would sign up Tiger Woods as a brand ambassador after being dropped by Tag Heur. The answer to that question is in the article and it is not as obvious as you think.

I post the article to show how high the pedestal for swimming once sat. So high in fact that that a female swimmer had the credentials to change how Rolex marketed itself for the rest of the century and beyond thereby contributing to the creation of a $5.5-billion company.

How Rolex became "Rolex" in the marketplace - From Slate Magazine:

"... The final secret of the brand: sports marketing. Rolex essentially invented the practice, according to Thompson. When a swimmer named Mercedes Gleitz crossed the English Channel in 1927, wearing a waterproof Rolex, Hans Wildorf marketed the bejesus out of the fact that the watch had survived intact. Rolex now sponsors countless golfers, tennis players, yachters, and adventurers. The longtime Rolex slogan is “A crown for every achievement”—meant to conjure feats of athletic prowess, exploration, and, yes, gray flannel corporate advancement. ..."



surfer said...

Ester Williams, Johnny Weissmuller, and Buster Crabb were each stars on a scale to Micheal Phelps, Jack Nicolas, and David Letterman all rolled into one

Tony Austin said...

Yes! In today's dollars, Michael Phelps could not buy a Bel Air mansion. Esther Williams could.

Johnny Weissmuller will still be famous and known as the first Tarzan when Michael Phelps' name is only spoken by swimmers.

What happened? Swimming did not evolve but rather stayed static like chess rule wise.

Write me an email and I will tell you how races should be done.

Anonymous said...

Really - you don't think Phelps could buy a Bel Air mansion?

Tony Austin said...

This little number only has only 8-bedrooms & 7-baths and is selling for $10.395-Million. His mortgage payment would be about $45,000 a month. Property taxes alone would be about $150,000 a year, Insurance would be at least $200,000 a year. Ergo, he would need $70,000 just to get the key. His utilities and upkeep would be enormous as well.

Anonymous said...

Tony Austin said...
$10.395-Million. Mortgage payment $45,000 a month. Property taxes $150,000 a year. Insurance $200,000 a year. Ergo, he would need $70,000 just to get the key.

Jaja.. try to play Spain Xmas LoterĂ­a

hydro said...

HAPPY Thanksgiving Y'all!

intexfloats said...

I love Rolex. Thank you for your share