Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Squirt Gun Fight Water cannon fight between Taiwan and Japan in the South China Sea

Tensions have escalated in a territorial dispute between China, Japan and other residents within the South China Sea. Japan has some islands they recently secured via a purchase from the Japanese owners but the Chinese want to claim these rocky shoals as their own. These islands are basically rocks and as my SCAQ relay teammate Daisuke says, "only fish live there!"

Now, not only is Japan perturbed by this but so is Vietnam and the Philippines.

Thus, the opening salvo in this dispute  a blast from a water cannon shot from the Japanese Coastguard  that between Taiwan fishing boat trying to storm the island.. The seas are rough as witnessed in the video and this open water "squirt gun fight" would be comical if the seas were not so dangerously rough..

The motive is obviously fishing,oil and gas rights. Bring your "super-soakers," it's game on!

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